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"Out Every Window"

July 04, 2014

Janet Simmons Sweet returns to Beaux-Arts Brampton this summer with a solo exhibit from her Sideroads Collection. “Out Every Window” is presented in her signature dramatic light, and installed in her noted style of taking the viewer on a journey.

This year the viewer is seated in Janet’s car as her passenger, zooming in and out like the lens of a camera, focused on local Sideroads.  The viewer starts in the autumn, during peak season, zoomed in on a misshapen tree, and immediately zooms out to the road, on which they are travelling. This effect is imitated throughout the exhibit, through the beginning of winter, full winter, breaking spring, and finally it is full summer, zoomed out to the maximum.

The Sideroad Collection will seem familiar to all local visitors. The images are captivating of our local landscapes, in all four seasons that specifically designate this part of Southern Ontario. Many of the winter scenes are from this past winter, with the terrible ice storm, and the following plunging temperatures.  Viewed from the warmth of her car, it suddenly seems spectacular!

Beaux-Arts Brampton, Main Gallery,
70-74 Main St N., Brampton

July 6, 2014 to July 19, 2014

Artist on Site: Thursday, July 10, 2014: 3:00pm to 5:00pm
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