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Sketch Across Canada

October 25, 2020

The Bateman Foundation is producing 33,000 free sketchbooks and distributing them from coast to coast. Robert Bateman, the founder of the Bateman Foundation, is a painter and a spokesman for many environmental and preservation issues. For him, art and the environment go hand in hand. Through this project, the foundation hopes to encourage Canadians to get outside and take a moment with nature by sketching the environment around them, or in the words of Robert Bateman, “become bright-eyed three-year-olds again.”

This project also hopes to promote mindfulness and to foster connections between people and nature. The Bateman Foundation believes that drawing and spending time in the outdoors is also a useful tool in combating anxiety and depression, and with everything that is going on in the world currently this is exactly what some of us may need.

When you visit us at the Alton Mill, be sure to look out for our display of sketchbooks located by our front entrance. The sketchbooks are completely free and there are plenty of places around the Mill that you can venture off to if you wish to do some drawing while you are visiting. Be sure to share your artwork on social media and use the hashtag #mynaturesketch to join the rest of the country in this fantastic project! For more info, go to