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Barb McDiarmid

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    A visual artist whose paintings reflect her love of landscapes, gardens and flowers, Barbara’s interest in art began early in life and became a hobby throughout her adult life. Barbara is now fully committed to her art!

    With training in London, Ontario, as well as with locally renowned artists from the Caledon area, Barbara has gained experience in such mediums as oil, watercolour, acrylic, callograph and mono prints, and has also incorporated wire sculpting into some of her pieces.

    Barbara has recently found her niche in Encaustic medium. Encaustic is an ancient medium combining hot bee's wax and oil paint. Layers of colour are built up using the mixture creating a three dimentional effect. Barbara's technique includes embedding dried flowers and other organic material giving her work a life-like quality.

    She invites to her studio in the Alton Mill where she has been exploring and creating for the past two years.

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