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Darlean Morris

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    DARLEAN MORRIS, S.C.A. (Society of Canadian Artists, Ph.D - Arts and Educational Administration)

    "Canadian painter Darlean Morris is a staunch advocate of abstraction, though her brightly‑toned geometric forms, when applied to aluminum, often evoke landscapes and natural forms. Her oil compositions are roughly textured, with paints applied in liberal quantities, but there is also incredible precision in the Ontario artist's arrangements of rectilinear shapes. These frequently take on prism‑like qualities, refracting and diverting the paths of colorful light that pass through them. Fauvist pinks and oranges, turf greens and sunny yellows overlap, producing surprising new tones that beam outwards in hybrid patterns and on surprising paths.

    The choice of aluminum as a support makes ingenious and appropriate sense. The sleek surfaces seem to give the colors greater freedom, as they glide through one another and spread towards the edges. Morris accentuates this ease of movement with provocatively off‑balance planes that emphasize impressions of velocity. Her paints, some applied in even strokes, others in thick daubs, often scratched away to reveal hidden layers, are spectacularly vivid. They slide into never‑quite‑stable shapes and spaces." Agora Gallery, NYC

    Darlean has a Ph.D. in arts and educational administration.  She served as a secondary school vice principal, visual arts department head and teacher in both the Peel Board of Education and the Thames Valley Board of Education. She currently lives and paints in St. Marys, Ontario.

    Darlean , a strong advocate for the arts, currently serves on one board, as Chair of the Honours and Awards Standing Committee for  The Society of Canadian Artists.   Darlean  Morris also has a studio/gallery in the historic St. Marys’ Opera House called MORRIS ART.

    Darlean Morris is represented by the STUDIO VOGUE Gallery in Toronto, Gallery 96 in Stratford and the Agora Gallery in New York City.  Her work is also available at the Art Gallery of Ontario Art Rental and Sales Gallery, Museum London Art Rental and The Woodstock Art Gallery.  She was the featured artist both at Musuem London and the Woodstock Gallery in 2010.

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    MAY 1 2012 - APRIL 30 2013

    I have recently decided to take a sabbatical and devote the next year only to my creativity.  I plan providing updates on my progress and results of my creative journey through a semi-annual newsletter. If you are interrested in receiving it or notification of an exhibit to showcase this new body of work, I would be pleased to have your contact information
    Darlean Morris
    *Please be assured your information will not be shared

  • Classes & Workshops

    ABSTRACT ART :  Bringing Your Vision to Life 

    A  Private Lesson with Darlean $300. includes materials and supplies - now in St. Marys.

    Darlean Morris,Ph.D., an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists,   will be teaching a 4 step proven process on how to understand abstract art so you will feel  comfortable viewing modern art  in any gallery.

    You will be able to create  your very own abstract art painting.

    Darlean, an experienced art teacher,  will guide you through your painting using your own choice of colours and  influences of other abstract painters.

    This lesson includes a  talk on Abstraction called "Having New Eyes" and a Sharing of Vision Discussion

    In the afternoon start your abstract painting.  All supplies included including canvas, acrylic and acrylic accessories such as gesso and gels included.

    Call Darlean at  519 284 3855, cell 519 709 1030.

     email at  to arrange your private lesson.


    Darlean  Morris  is an articulate, open minded teacher and an accomplished artist .  Her lecture and slide presentation shed light on a relatively recent ( In the centuries old tradition of Fine Art ), Twentieth Century Art form that mystifies and sometimes threatens the viewer .You will leave her workshop with a greater understanding of what abstract art and artists are trying to say, with the satisfaction of learning something new , and perhaps the urge to own one of these unique pieces of art. Besides all of that , the lecture goes very fast because of Darlean's great sense of Humour. No small thing in a lecture. A.L Ferguson

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