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Kathy Crain

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    There is a magic to silk. It is lustrous. It is elegant. Just that alone makes silk wonderful fabric to work on. Then there are the dyes: vibrant, brilliant and exceptionally beautiful hues. The French Dyes create breathless colours.

    The next step is to immerse myself in the colour and silk, and brush on an awesome fluid design. The colours blend and sing and with a sprinkle of salt come alive in a mottled texture.

    Crain loves everthing about the world of silk. It is never the same. The silk explodes with sumptuous design constructions. And it still remains magic even after 29 years of dyeing.

    For 25 years Kathy Crain worked as a teacher for the Peel Board instructing Special Education teenagers. During this time she was working the magic with silk, selling through the Guelph Artisans. When she retired the magic became stronger and there was a constant stream of scarves and tunics. That's when she found a studio at the Alton Mill. It is a good mix of flavours and people. Kathy is still exploring new avenues and invites you to come in to Studio 210 to see her work.



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