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    Loom Studio was inspired by a dream to create a communal space for like-minded folk who have adoration and appreciation for handmade crafts. Loom is dedicated to weaving textile arts and was founded by textile and fashion artist Johana Cordero

    Johana is a graduate of Sheridan College and NSCAD University where she received her Bachelor of Fine Art in Textile & Fashion studies. Johana brings 8 years of teaching experience and 14 years to her own craft.

    Loom offers workshops in various weaving techniques, and are available as private or group classes.  You can also find quality weaving equipment, tools and curated fibres for all your weaving needs, as well as loom rentals.

    To see more of Loom's past projects and information, visit .

  • Classes & Workshops

    During our closure for COVID-19, we will only be offering online virtual classes for both groups and private sessions. Summer 2021 we will be offering outdoor classes you can plan with your friends and family or sign up for our newsletter to be notified of group class schedules.

    Intro to Tapestry Stand up Loom Group Class
    6 hours - $155.00

    This introductory class is a thorough course that teaches you the fundamentals for weaving tapestry on our stand looms. A variety of techniques and useful tips are taught while adapting to your learning needs in this one-on-one class. If you are weaving for the first time you will leave with a good set of basic skills to confidently start your weaving journey.

    Video One-on-one Basics of Weaving Class
    3 hours - $165.00

    This one-on-one class introduces students to the basics of weaving on our lap looms. Great to test the waters and explore tapestry weaving to try out the different styles if this is your first time.

    Video Group Class - Mini Tapestry Weaving
    2 hours - $180.00

    If you are looking for a fun and creative activity to do with family and friends, this workshop is perfect. Learn the steps of weaving a little tapestry on our lap looms. Very kid friendly and adaptive to all levels of learning.


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