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    The Paul Morin Gallery , which relocated to the mill in early 2012, focuses on the artistic endeavors of Paul Morin . His 30 years as a freelance illustrator saw him working for major agencies and magazines across North America. As a world traveler and award-winning illustrator of 16 children's books, focusing primarily on traditional cultures, Paul brings a wealth of artistic & creative experience to the Mill. The Paul Morin Gallery is not just a venue to showcase his work, but a tranquil & creative space where he can often be found working on a variety of projects, sometimes painting, but also three dimensional installations or music and video compositions which often relate directly to his paintings. It is also an incredibly inspiring place to participate in the varied art classes & workshops he offers. His mesmerizing landscapes and intensely thought provoking abstract paintings are an inspirational glimpse into the abstract of nature & the nature of abstract.

    While retaining the former pond gallery's soaring vaulted ceiling and wonderful views of the Alton Millpond, the space has been re-invented with circular inlaid hardwood flooring, state of the art LED lighting and the Cube, the hub of the gallery. The floorspace of the gallery is available to rent for private functions such as meetings and wedding ceremonies. The gallery can also be adapted for video screenings, concerts and the many art workshops which we run thru the year.

    Current show:

    Paul Morin   

    perfect moments

    Oct 21 thru Jan 4



    This fall we are featuring two incredible concerts including a return of Ondine Chorus for the winter solctice.

    On Saturday November 7 Scott Merritt (and Jeff Bird) will be having a concert to celebrate his record release "OF". This is one of only a few special dates to hear these fabulous musicians. Tickets $20 in advance or $25 at the door.


    Martin Murray review:

    Scott Merritt is one of the great unsung singer-songwriters of Canada. Through a career that started in the late 70's, from his hometown of Brantford, Scott has recorded only six albums, but each one has been worth the wait and all are masterful works of genius. He's a bit like the Tom Scholtz of Canada, when it comes to getting everything just right before he will release it to the public. His 1990 album "Violet & Black" remains one of my favourite records of all time, and travels with me wherever I go. I never get tired of listening to it.

    Most of the time, these days, Scott is known best as a producer and engineer, working out of his studio, The Cottage, in Guelph, Ontario. People like Fred Eaglesmith, Stephen Fearing, Suzie Vinnick, and Garnet Rogers are familiar faces through his door. However, slowly but surely, he writes a bunch of new tunes, and when the time is right we get a new album, and so now we have "Of."The cover is a bit like the old Zeppelin albums of the 70's, or Pink Floyd, in that there is no type on it at all. No "SCOTT MERRITT" in great big letters. Just a lovely photo of a sunlit window and table by a photographer named Alexander Harding. It's typical of Scott. He is an artist who very much follows the beat of his own drum, and his music is very unique and unlike anyone else at all. Although he is an excellent guitarist, known for his mastery of effects and such, on this new album he took an entirely different approach. There is no guitar on it at all, and the instrumentation is very spare. He plays a tenor ukelele through the entire album, supplemented by a reed organ and vibraphone. Jeff Bird adds standup bass and mandolin, and Andy Magoffin plays horns. It creates a very atmospheric sound, full of space, and draws attention to Scott's tender but powerful vocals and wonderful lyrics. Scott doesn't play the ukelele in the typical way at all, but instead fingerpicks it, and most of the time it sounds very much like a harp. Even with the change of instrumentation, however, his own style is immediately recognizable. Like I said, Scott Merritt sounds like no one else.


    Private art classes available,

  • Classes & Workshops

    We offer art workshops on mask making, didgeridoo making and decorating, abstract and landscape painting and various art related classes. Private art classes available. Drop in the gallery or call 519-942-4918 for info.


    Painting Clouds 

     Acrylic abstract cloud painting. Paul will demonstrate and guide you through the painting of a large cloud work. Sundays 1-4PM in July. $150. fee

    Memory/Dream Assemblage Box with paul morin

     Beginning with a shadow box each participant will assemble a mixed media installation exploring painting, textures, images, collage and found objects. Classes will include demonstrations, painting tips, a nature hike around the mill and hundreds of interesting items to select from. Participants can bring their own coins, costume jewelry, photographs, personal items, shells or travel maps and nicknacks to incorporate into the composition. Some materials supplied, shadow box not included. Drop in the gallery or phone 519-942-4918 to register.   

    Coming soon:

    Kundalini Dance with Krysteen Perkins

     A Sacred Alchemical Dance Ceremony

    (part of our healing arts workshops)

     We dance with the earth and source. Dancing through the chakra system, one chakra per week, providing tools to release any energy that does not resonate with love. Lifting the vibration of each chakra into harmony with creation. Kundalini Dance is a form of ecstatic dance.

     Intro class open to anyone wanting to try it out, Tuesday May 21st, 6:30- 9PM, $25. ....we will be dancing!

    7 week series continues, Tuesday evenings 6:30-9, May 28 thru July 9th, $180. Contact Samantha at 519 942 4918 to register.



    Sunday afternoon one on one art classes or special projects are offered in the gallery.


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