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20/20 Vision

  • Wed Oct 06 - Sun Oct 17

Falls Gallery

Janet Simmons Sweet is an artist tenant here at the Alton Mill, and will be exhibiting her Solo Show '20/20 Vision'.

This painting collective will a reflection of 2020, and based on places and thoughts that depict a personal soliditary moment while navigating through the pandemic. Janet's artworks are in oil, impressionistic in style, and often pushed to realism or pulled to abstraction. Dramatic light is her signature. Canvas is used exclusively for a base of texture, often enhanced with various mediums. 

"An individual with 20/20 vision is able to read an eye chart 20 feet away, to the same acuity of an average person. However, 20/20 is not defined as perfect vision."

This show will be opening Wednesday, October 6 until October 17, 2021.