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Botanical Print on Silk

  • Sat Jul 08, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Pond Gallery

Botanical Printing on Silk Workshop 

with Margaret Marcy/ Gosia Eco Design 

Learn how to create a beautiful and unique Botanical print using a natural Eco Printing technique with flowers and leaves. During the class you will learn the basics of Eco Printing 

 - getting to know plants for printing

 - process for mordanting protein and cellulose fabrics 

 - eco printing with plants and natural dye blanket

 - different methods of bundling and steaming process

At the end of the workshop, you will leave with one-of-a-kind  silk scarf cover with beautiful botanical patterns.

Workshops registration closes at 8 students, so there will be plenty of personal attention. We will meet for a magical happening, exploring the possibilities of natural dyes and eco printing.

Material included in the package: 

 - light silk scarf 44” by 44”,

 - natural dye

 - mordants

 - plant materials

 - twine

 - paper towel


Students should bring:  apron & rubber gloves 


Register by e-mail and pay by e-transfer . Fee per student - $120 (tax included)