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Alternate Views

  • Wed Mar 08 - Sun Mar 26

The Falls Gallery presents the dynamic works of Mill artist, Joanne Lomas in an exhibition that plays with landscape and the landscape transformed. Take a journey through the paintings into vivid colours and imagined vortexes of Ontario’s wonderful vistas.

 Alternate Views is an exhibition of landscape paintings, with a twist. It is a combination of Joanne's landscape “Spin” paintings with her more traditional loosely rendered scenes of Ontario, from the North Channel, to her own backyard trails. These interpretations of the landscape are different ways she see and experiences her surroundings, sitting still, enjoying the serene calmness of nature, or moving through the environment in a blur.

Joanne is fascinated by the obscured images as seen in works by Gerhard Richter and Monica Tap. She has always been spellbound by Emily Carr. Her two painting styles of landscape are influenced by these three artists. The two approaches of expressing landscape put together create an intriguing journey into a visual adventure.

 Alternate Views consists of over 20 paintings ranging in size from small  to large (4 x 5) foot canvases of juxtaposed images; static, more traditional scenes mingling with the swirling vortexes of the transformed landscapes. This exhibition will be on display from March 8 to March 26. Opening reception takes place March 12, 2:00 to 4:00 pm.