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Art by 9: Creative Force Fire Within

  • Wed Oct 07 - Sun Nov 15

Headwaters Arts Gallery

Within each artist is a creative force, a fire within that needs to be fed and cared for.  Ideas, books, travels, discussions with other artists, courses etc. are all fuel for that fire. Sometimes the flame is almost doused, times when artists are just plain out of energy and ideas. At other times the fire burns so brightly that meals are missed, other jobs are forgotten and the creative fire leads to wonderful works of art.  

Each artist features one finished piece with pictures showing the progression and evolution of the work to its final stage.

The artists in this show are: Darlene Hassall, Marg O'Flanagan-Byerley, Terry Gardener, Linda Jenetti, Margi Taylor, Jackie Warmelink, Freda Wrench, Rosemary Hasner and Rosemary Molesworth.