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Beats n’ Pieces

  • Sat Jun 18 - Mon Sep 05

The Noodle gallery presents their summer exhibition of photography, Beats n’ Pieces featuring artists David Bastedo, Susan Holland and Matthew Cassidy!

David has spent 18+ years in the conceptualization, development and execution of digital content. He works at Gravity Partners - a strategy design firm that is digital and social at a DNA level.  His passion for music has enabled him to travel across North America and Europe documenting and creating content for Canadian bands such as The Tragically Hip, The Trews, Sam Roberts Band, Paul Langlois and Gord Downie.

Sue is a skilled integrated marketing professional with a passion for digital content creation, brand innovation and social engagement. She has fourteen years of experience working client-side with a variety of marquee media and cultural brands; particularly focusing on entertainment.  She is a pro-active, life-long student of emerging trends who thrives on discovery, innovation and learning. Sue's passion for photography, her work and travel experiences have lead to stunning images taken globally; ranging from various cultural events to interesting architecture and beautiful landscapes.

Artist, Matthew Cassidy, started by taking apart an old broken camera to see what was inside. Realizing how unique, interesting and beautiful the pieces were he meticulously placed them within a frame giving something broken new life. Cameras used to make these artworks are broken and heading to the landfill. All are in a non-operational state. Most are donated by individuals who would rather see their old camera end up in a Fragmented Frame than the alternative. Cameras range from film to digital, compact point-and-shoots to SLR (single lens reflex), and even sometimes smartphones.