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Cadence of Art

  • Wed Jul 07 - Sun Aug 08

Headwaters Arts Gallery

"Cadence of Art" features 32 works by 18 different artists, and is sure to peak all interests given the vast range of subject matter, style, and use of materials. Expect to see pieces created with oil, acrylic, watercolour painting, mixed media, mosaic/glass, sculpture, textiles, ink and pencil. 


All the art in this show demostrates each artist's artistic exploration and expression, showing their personal interpretations and journeys of the internal rhythms that drive their unique creativity.


The artists selected for this show areAnne Schnurr, Deborah Powell, Del Foxton, Galina Kirsanova, Gita Karklins, Helen Duplassie, Hildegarde Sausik, Marlene Bulas, Mary Perkins, Marnie Cooke, Michelle Eissler, MJ Brunet, Mary Lou Hurley, Pat Hertzberg, Patty Maher, Robert Allen, Susan Powell and Suzanne Walsh.


"Cadence of Art" will be on display in the Headwaters Gallery in the Alton Mill until Sunday, August 8th.