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Crimson Golden Days

  • Wed Sep 23 - Sun Nov 01

Noodle Gallery

Noodle Gallery in the beautiful Alton Mill Art Centre features an eclectic array of work by many different artists and artisans in a variety of mediums, from paintings, to handmade crafts, to unique pieces of furniture that could just as easily be described as sculpture. Each month, the gallery dedicates a space to exhibit a collection of work from a featured artist, creating a small exhibition within the gallery. This month, you’ll find an impressive display of oil paintings by Michael Compeau, frequently represented artist of Noodle Gallery, who also happens to be the winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in 2015 and 2016. This show is called ‘ Crimson Golden Days.’

Compeau’s work is absolutely energizing as he uses broad brush strokes of vibrant colours that make the canvas sparkle, creating stunning scenes of nature, while simultaneously embodying a sense of calm one feels when surrounded by natural landscape. His style is realistic although can still be described as abstract thanks to his exaggerated use of colour and blending techniques, as though you are viewing these images through a dreamy lens. The largest works in the exhibition that catch your eye when you enter the gallery and lead you to Compeau’s exhibition space are scenes of autumn leaves, while adjacent walls also feature depictions of islands filled with tall trees surrounded by calm waters.

In his artist statement, Compeau writes that these works were inspired by the land and waters that surrounded him during his childhood spent in Kingston, Ontario. This sentiment is beautifully represented in the way his art creates a sense of nostalgia for summers spent by lakes and autumn walks through Canadian forests. His work makes those of us who are lucky enough to surround ourselves with nature feel that much more fortunate.

As summer has swiftly escaped us and the leaves outside the windows of the Alton Mill present radiant fall colours, Compeau’s paintings offer a glimpse of these brief moments where we are able to enjoy these last bursts of colour and energy before a long winter. It’s lovely how the works mirror the current outdoor landscape, making this the perfect time to view these paintings as it will make you appreciate the surrounding beauty this time of year. The paintings happen to fit perfectly with the atmosphere created by Noodle Gallery’s space, hung on the raw and rustic wall of the gallery that juxtaposes the vibrancy of the colours in the art.

The show will be up in Noodle Gallery until Sunday, November 1st, and the lovely curator Monica Kerr-Coster is also around to happily answer questions from visitors. To view these paintings up close and personal is a wonderful way of celebrating this beautiful season. More info and images at