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Master Watercolourists

  • Sun Sep 04 - Sun Oct 02

Pond Gallery

Asuman and Atanur Dogan are established Turkish-Canadian watercolorists and sculptors. Their work, along with  photography by their son Cagil Atas Dogan, will be shown in the Pond Gallery From September 4 - October 2. Watercolour workshops will also be offered.

About the Artists

Asuman’s artwork is semi-expressionist in style.  Her early work captures the essence of traditional village life in Turkey: the panoramic scene of a small town, or a narrow street and building in an Anatolian village.  Her still life paintings are equally imaginative, characterized by the same application of loose washes and contrasting colours that bloom into each other to give a sense of both solidity and transience.  Asuman’s painting has evolved over the years, reflecting the richness and inspiration of her travels, scenes from Venice or sunflowers in the French countryside.

Atanur’s paintings portray ordinary people going about their daily tasks, elderly men idling away time at a coffee shop, or characters involved in ancient Turkish customs. His figures emote both a sense of strength and poetry, especially reflecting emotions in the eyes and facial expressions.  More recently, the subjects of his art are influenced by the people and cultures discovered in travels abroad

The Dogans have exhibited throughought Turkey and in Zurich, Paris, London, Taiwan and Japan. In North America, their work has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle; Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, and numerous showings in Vancouver. 

In 2004, the Portrait Society of Canada selected Atanur Dogan, as one of five portrait artists, deemed best in the world.  Atanur was also invited by the Portrait Society of Canada to be the demonstrating portrait artist at the “2004 International Portrait Arts Festival” held in Toronto.  In 2009, the couple received the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, one of North America’s largest art shows.

Watercolour Workshops     

Relax and enjoy as you discover the spontaneity so unique to watercolor. In this hands on course, master artist/instructors Asuman and Atanur Dogan will have you trying out several techniques to help you create different effects in this medium. In this workshop we will work from photos, sketches and imagination.

Workshop 1: Thursday and Friday Septmber 22-23 (10 am to 2 pm)
Workshop 2: Thursday and Friday Septmber 29-30 (10  am to 2pm)

Cost: $95 for two days. Each workshop has different content. To pre-register call 905-334-4231