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  • Wed Oct 06 - Sun Oct 31

Noodle Gallery

Michael Compeau is the Noodle Gallery's feature artist for the month of October from Oct 6 - Oct 31!

A professional artist since 1996. His work has found homes in at least 8 countries worldwide.  Major Canadian clients include Rogers, The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Now Magazine.

Winner of the People's Choice Award at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition for 2015 and 2016.

Artist Statement: The best advice that I've ever received came from my grandfather. A boilermaker by trade, he had a ridiculously gravelly voice with a hint of his Quebec farmstead heritage. "You've got to play the cards that you've been dealt", he told me one day.

The next best piece of advice came while I was studying Landscape Architecture at the University of Toronto in the early 1980's. During a typically gruelling critique session two young professors spontaneously recommended that we all consider pursuing careers in education after we graduated. Their unanimity and the intensity of their conviction made a deep impression on me. I would follow their advice and spend the next 30 years teaching Art at the high school level.

This profession forces me to make connections between the history of Art and its contemporary manifestations. It inspired me to travel to Europe and New York City many times to test these connections. It also demanded that I experiment and play, similar to what I did in kindergarten.

My art may seem eclectic on the surface, but underneath, it is inspired by the land and waters of my youth; Kingston, Ontario. A city dripping with both history and a raw Canadian Shield beauty.