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A Graphic Nature

  • Wed Aug 11 - Sun Sep 12

Headwaters Arts Gallery

"A Graphic Nature" will include work by Sherry Park and Ann Randeraad, both local artists who have been a part of the Alton Mill community for many years. These artists are extremely talented and create absolutely stunning artwork, Sherry using oil paints as her primary medium and Ann using wood-fired ceramics. While their art forms may be different, both their works demonstrate an inspiration from nature and come together to compliment each other.

Sherry's oil paintings depicting scenes of nature will draw you in and have you transported into the landscape. She will be including small and more affordable works for sale at the show along with her large-scale pieces.

Ann plays with simple forms and contrasting surface textures with her use of overlayed glaze applications and carbon trap responses. Ann's works will include everything from small trinket plates, latte cups with saucers, celebration sets, batter bowls and more. All one of a kind items.

"A Graphic Nature" will be displayed in the Headwaters Arts Gallery from August 11th to September 12th, with a meet and greet with the artists and reception happening Saturday, August 14th from 1 to 4pm. Come see this impressive display in person!