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Headwaters Arts Gallery: Ann Randeraad, Kaleidoscopic Journey

  • Wed Apr 25 - Sun May 27

Headwaters Arts Gallery, Alton Mill

Headwaters Arts Presents the works of Alton Mill studio artist Ann Randeraad

Opening Reception:
Saturday, April 28 from 1-4pm.  

Headwaters Arts Gallery presents Ann Randeraad: Kaleidoscopic Journey, the first solo show of 2018, featuring the wood-fired clay works of Ann Randeraad.

Ann Randeraad has been engaged with clay for 25 years and wood firing for about eight years. Once Ann had a taste of wood firing she was hooked. The environment of wood firing offers incredible layers of opportunity to the finished pieces.

Kaleidoscopic Journey showcases the most recent works of Ann Randeraad. Each piece proudly bears the beautiful scars of their intense journey. Naked pots blasted by the flames, are either toasted or have a glaze-like surface where the intense heat leaves its mark. These marks are the tell-tale signs of triumph. Ash may also be visible as sprinklings of metallic ash or soft drips. Carbon trapping or chameleon-like glazes add to the repertoire.

Pieces are created, bisque fired, glazed and readied for wood firing. The kiln is 65-cubic ft so other artists are invited to join in the firing making it truly a community process. The firing usually takes 12 hours but can be as long as 30 hours. The kiln is brought up to 2300° F using wood alone, a labour- intensive process. Once the temperature is reached the kiln is closed and allowed to cool slowly over three days. Wood firing is the only firing process that offers both an oxygen environment and a reduced oxygen environment for the pots. A single pot can show the results of both with the extra possibilities for ash, carbon trapping and flashing.

Ann is a local, community-minded Orangeville artist who runs classes and hosts events such as Empty Bowls every year, in addition to having a full-time studio in the Alton Mill.