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Headwaters Arts Gallery: Look Before You LEAP!

  • Wed Feb 05 - Sun Mar 08

Headwaters Arts Gallery

Ellen Cameron Headwaters Arts GalleryWith a nod to our leap year, Headwaters Arts welcoms the new decade with a special show...
From ‘leaping with joy’ to art work ‘leaping off the walls’, a cadre of the Headwaters Arts volunteers have hopped out from behind the scenes to showcase their artistic talents in the February exhibit in the Headwaters Arts Gallery at the Alton Mill Arts Centre in Alton [Caledon].  
Our unsung heroes and heroines step up to share their artistic practices which range from ceramics, photography, textile arts, print maker, and painting in and on various media.  They give many hours as board members, committee chairpersons, and committee members with the part-time Headwaters Arts staff also offering time and talents beyond their duties.   
While thematically diverse, there is a strong beat and funky vibe with the flora and fauna embellishing ceramics and textiles and visual art pieces.  The landscapes and still life pieces range from representational to impressionistic and abstract with water color and acrylic paintings and photographic based renderings.  
For general information on the Headwaters Arts group of artists and the current shows at the Headwaters Arts Gallery, please call (519) 943-1149.  Gallery hours are from Wednesday  to Sunday and holiday Mondays from 10 am to 5 pm.   Ample free parking and free admission to the gallery.