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Headwaters Arts Gallery: Art Squared!

  • Wed Apr 24 - Sun May 26

Headwaters Arts Gallery, Alton Mill Arts Centre

Headwaters Arts Gallery presents Art Squared! a kaleidoscope of artistic creativity, style and colour -- featuring the works of: Angela Coleman, Anthony Jenkins, Brian Blakeman, Carol Shaw, Connie Munson, Diana Hillman, Ed Clark, Eunah Cho, Gail Backus, Gita Karklins, Janet Simmons Sweet, Joanne Coughlin, Joanne Lomas, Karen Brown, Kasia Charko, Marnie Cooke, MJ Brunet, Pat Hertzberg and Suzanne Walsh.
With a variety of artists, appealing to diverse tastes, this gallery shows featured works in the shape of squares. All art differs in size starting at just 4 inches all the way up to 36 inches, allowing to create interesting compositions on your wall that you can mix and match in order to create your own statement.
Art Squared! offers a wide variety of media such as encaustics created by Karen Brown who states: “Encaustic medium can be used as is, or combined with pigments - such as oil paint or powdered pigments. As the layers are built up, objects can be embedded in the wax and gouging techniques can be incorporated to create shapes and designs. Colours are used simultaneously to add depth and beauty to the work.  Encaustics is a unique medium which allows participants to explore their creativity while effectively engaging the senses. It is both deeply therapeutic while at the same time promoting a sense of play.”
We also invite you to explore the beauty of all textures and colour compositions of all our members including that of one of our newest members, Eunah Cho who believes: 
“Living in a society where we are burdened with limited time, she visualizes what it means to live a timeless life. She believes that the key to happiness is to live with dreams and hope for the future. Her thoughts are connected in her artwork by presenting birds, which symbolize hope, freedom, and inspirational imagination. She works with liquid Indian ink, coloured pigment, and acrylic with mixed media on Korean traditional handmade paper, “Hanji”.
Artwork seen above is courtesy of Pat Hertzberg.