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Janet Simmons Sweet "Recede" Exhibition

  • Wed Sep 16 - Sun Oct 04

Falls Gallery

A conceptual exhibition exploring the plight of glaciers, from the edge to the ridge. 

RECEDE shows the life span of a Glacier through an artistic time-lapse. Janet uses actual Alaskan Glaciers, each at a different stage, to develop this concept. The artworks are then symbolically developed using abstraction in the initial pieces, and transitioned to impressionistic realism in the latter. The viewer is engaged in an idea that begins as an abstraction, but as the ice melts, and the valleys develop, the precarious reality of RECEDE is delivered.
The Collection is held together by a unique technique applied in the actual execution of the works. The canvas is treated in layers of translucent, opaque and transparent mediums to create a dramatic light tension of warm and cold, enhanced by backlighting. The result is an illumination through sheer ice, which reveals the fragile state of each Glacier.
The viewer is encouraged to form their own opinion on the impact of RECEDE.