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Light and Beauty

  • Tue Jun 28 - Mon Jul 25

The Falls Gallery presents artist Jamil Gabriel's solo show, Light and Beauty. His exhibition is the culmination of his paintings in Canada. Experience his beautiful works from June 28th – July 25th at the Alton Mill. Opening reception: Saturday, July 2nd 1pm - 4pm. 

Jamil Gabriel began painting and creating art at an early age. Disappointed at not being accepted into his High School art program, Jamil, with the help of a friend, would sneak in during the evenings to carve and paint. He was soon discovered and invited into the program. 

At University he was a founder of an artist collective, establishing a studio and teaching art.  After experiencing the ravages of war, he managed to flee his war-torn country and arrived in Canada.  He still remembers the exact moment he walked through Pearson International, twenty years ago. The profound effect of Canada’s natural beauty was over whelming. 

This new journey was also the beginning of a new way to express his understanding of light, colour and beauty in such a way that he had not experienced before.

Through his exhibition “Light and Beauty” Jamil hopes to inspire individuals to seek out the beauty and the peaceful essence of nature.