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Lori Ryerson

  • Wed Nov 11 - Sun Dec 06

Noodle Gallery

Noodle Gallery has a new and exciting display up in the gallery, the work of their current featured artist: Lori Ryerson!

Lori Ryerson is a Toronto-based fine art photographer and visual storyteller. Her work is as intriguing as it is beautiful, and she uses different printing methods and formats that make her photography even more striking and unusual. Her pieces that are currently up at Noodle Gallery feature stark and intriguing landscapes, and nostalgic images of old vehicles. When viewing Lori’s work in person, the photographs are radiant as they shimmer in the gallery’s light. It creates this illusion that you are looking through a window into a wonderfully mysterious world.

Each of these pieces also include a brief anecdote written by Lori to accompany the photographs. This turns this exhibition into even more of an interactive experience and hints at the stories being told through the images.

Lori’s work fits in seamlessly with the contemporary and refreshing style of Noodle Gallery. The exhibition will be up from November 11th until Sunday, December 6th. This show is absolutely enchanting to see in person, a definite must-see!