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Mayfield Secondary School Grade 9 Student Show

  • Wed Apr 27 - Sun May 01

The amazing paintings of Mayfield Secondary School's grade 9 students will be on display in the Falls Gallery at the Alton Mill Arts Centre from Wednesday, April 27th - Sunday, May 1st, 2016. The students were instructed by Mill artist, CJ Shelton, and painted from observing a real life owl in class! (courtsey of Kingsport Environmental) 

On February 22nd and 23rd 2016, Kingsport Environmental came to Mayfield Secondary School with three beautiful raptors. The purpose of the visit was for a two day drawing session involving grade 9 Regional Arts students (drawing the birds of prey from life).

They brought Storm - a juvenile bald eagle, Eddie - a great horned owl and Lady - a snowy owl for the kids to draw. Guest artist CJ Shelton, from the Alton Mill Arts Centre, worked with the students to produce some fabulous drawings of the birds! 

The drawings that the grade 9’s created of the birds while the birds were present in the art room are terrific. It’s not easy to draw animals while they move! After doing an extensive series of preliminary drawings, the students completed a beautiful watercolour and coloured pencil illustrations of these gorgeous raptors.

Join the students at their opening reception on Thursday, April 28th from 5-7pm. Kingsport has kindly agreed to bring Eddie the Great Horned Owl to the reception so that guests can meet her!