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Noodle Gallery: Featured Artist Audrey Smith

  • Wed May 29 - Sun Jul 14

Noodle Gallery, Alton Mill Arts Centre

Discover the artwork of the Noodle Gallery's featured artist, Audrey Smith. In her own words...
"I am a contemporary figurative painter. My art explores the essence of people. I believe that there is no limit to how we manifest our inner being in time and space. I see a world of character in something as complex as body language, gesture and interactions or as simple as a well-worn pair of boots. 
My passion is to capture a crystal sliver of time through photography, a fragment that is definitive. I then express the chosen image through paint and charcoal. I hope that within the final painting you find a sense of what lies between the layers of the paint, a truth that is yours, perhaps a moment that you’ve seen or experienced. 
My painting style is visceral, expressive. What begins with a strictly defined intent, composition and colour scheme is rarely visible in the finished piece. Gentle, coaxing chaos would best describe my process. Layers of paint partially cover sketches that are reworked, redrawn, rethought. You’ll often find text, poetry between the layers, though the content remains a mystery. Because of this layering, composing and decomposing – a demolition in progress - I’ll most frequently work on wood panel. 
I’m both honoured and excited to be the featured artist at Noodle Gallery (May 27 – July 14, 2019). This group of paintings titled (“People, Pavement and In-between”) is based on several groupings of paintings taken mainly in urban settings. We decided to include the “boot paintings” as they embodied a human essence all their own. Enjoy!"
Audrey Smith is a contemporary figurative artist. She works in acrylic and charcoal, most frequently on birch panel. Her brushstrokes are unapologetically visceral and expressive. 
After graduating from Concordia University (Montréal, Quebec), Audrey pursued a career in graphic design. Her education continued on a workshop/class/program basis through The Academy of Realist Art (Toronto), The Toronto School of Arts, The Haliburton College of the Arts (Peterborough) and, most recently, the DVSA Advanced Studio Program. 

Her career transitioned into a professional studio practice in 2011. Since 2011, Audrey has had solo shows and been in numerous juried group shows. She now has works in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. She is a member of Propeller Gallery and an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists.