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Noodle Gallery Featured Artist: Rebecca Brianceau

  • Wed Oct 17 - Sun Jan 06

Noodle Gallery

"I’m a self-taught artist exploring nature, a globetrotter longing for the next adventure and a visual storyteller that craves music and culture.
Ocean Soul Art Series is inspired by a journey I took to Brazil where I joined local marine biologists on a 2-week work trip along the coast of São Paulo. They put me to work for a couple of days, during which time we picked up garbage samples from the shoreline to the vegetation. It was outrageous the amount of garbage we pulled in from a small radius and was enough for me to see how damaging human behavior has been to the ocean, sea animals and beaches. We picked up shampoo bottles from Poland, Coca-Cola bottles from China and water bottles from around the world that had all washed up on the once pristine shores of Brazil. After realizing that the biologists communicate their information in lengthy reports, I felt I could contribute by communicating the information by telling this dark story through beautiful, scenic ocean pieces. Spreading the message of loving and preserving our water from oceans to lakes to wells."
- Rebecca Brianceau, Toronto