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Noodle Gallery: Jennifer Elliotson

  • Wed Jan 15 - Mon Feb 17

Noodle Gallery

Noodle Gallery is proud to present Jennifer Elliotson, a regular artist within the Noodle family, as its current featured artist.
"Hi, I’m Jennifer Elliotson, self taught painter and former florist.  My studio is in an old barn and under a very large ginkgo tree in Jordan Station, Ontario.  I find inspiration from roads trips and walks along the Niagara escarpment.
Through the “Road Trip” series, I explore a desire to be less burdened by the complexities of life and how one can have a “sense of home” while away from home.
These pieces are largely inspired from my own road trips, both present day and years past.  For me, they speak of a time when life was more simple — when adventures were unplanned, slowed down and unplugged.  It’s interesting to think about how few material possessions one actually needs when on a road trip.
I have amused myself in adding small elements to the scenes; a hammock; flowers arranged and put on a table; geraniums in a pot; laundry on the line.  I hope to invoke an idea that time is free and unmeasured.  There is the luxury of settling in a little bit.
In my memories, ice cream was monumentally important.  So, these little destinations have also made their way into the series.
Whether a road trip is personal goal for the future or a distant memory from the past, it’s my wish that you claim these settings as your own and put yourself into the story.
In all my work, I continually return to beauty (not in a superficial sense, but more-so as a grounding place of wonder and joy).  Having spent 20 years as a florist, a pull to the magnificence of nature is inherent and unavoidable.  These days, my attention is set in a few directions: road trips; big florals; carolinian forest scapes.  I also have a lot of fun painting cheeky animals who are up to no good."