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Oh, For Paints Sake!

  • Wed Nov 24 - Sun Dec 19

Falls Gallery

Roxana Matamoros is exhibiting a retrospective art show in the Falls Gallery from Nobember 24th until December 19th. There will be an opening reception on Saturday, November 27th from 1-4 pm, where you will have the chance to come and meet the artist.

“My mission is to bring joy to individuals and families worldwide through artwork” -RoxanaShe will be exhibiting 52 paintings - 32 of them will be priced at $100 with no tax!

Artist Bio:
Roxana is an experienced Painter and Creative who believes that artwork isn’t just a luxury item but a necessity for all to increase overall wellbeing. When you choose a painting to hang that really speaks to your soul, you will instantly feel a sense of ease and happiness. As someone who uses art as the vehicle to express herself, she knows first-hand how important it is to fall in love with art. That’s why she became a professional painter to create paintings that speak to you on a deeper level. 

Through her training and education in graphic design & fine art, international experiences, 20+ years of professional painting, inventing her own unique painting technique, and winning art awards, Roxana is a renowned expert in her craft, who creates beautiful, unique paintings and she would love to create one for you and your home!

Signature Acrylic Process:
“In November 2018, I created a unique acrylic technique that is truly special and results in more depth in my finished work. While the specifics of the technique are my trade secret, I can tell you that it is based on underpainting my support with 2 colours and using a blending medium with the paint layers on top.” - Roxana