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Our Abstract Vision

  • Wed Nov 30 - Sun Jan 29

Pond Gallery, Alton Mill

A diverse exhibit of colourful abstract work in various mediums by Debra Trow, Darlean Morris, Daniel Beirne and Andrea Bird.

Opening Reception to be held on Saturday, December 3rd  3- 5pm. 

My abstract acrylic paintings explore bold colour and form with gestural brushstrokes to create energy and movement within the composition as music, emotions, enviroment become part of the subject matter.

~Debra Trow

I have developed an abstract expressionist style to represent the identification and resolution of personal themes or reflections of the environment around me which convey universal meaning. After carefully thinking about the interrelationships of symbols, shapes and colours, I worked rapidly in either oil or acrylic, surprising myself as the pieces emerge suddenly in their final state.

As an educator, I have the pleasure of enabling youth to find their own expression visually.  As an artist, I give my audiences a new way of seeing and understanding abstract art.

~Darlean Morris


Andrea Bird and Daniel Beirne will be showing several collaborative encaustic paintings during This Show.  These are some pieces that are inspired by the area surrounding the Elora Gorge and the Grand & Irvine Rivers in the Elora area. Colour is an important component in these encaustic colllages, as are found objects, line, and texture.