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Silver Creek Arts Group

  • Wed Jul 17 - Sun Aug 11

The Falls Gallery

SILVER CREEK ARTS PROJECT at the Falls Gallery at the Alton Mill. July 16 - August 11, 2013

This artists' collective brings an eclectic mix of styles and content to its second show at the Alton Mill.  Paintings and drawings by Gail Prussky, Susan Powell and Diana Hillman run the gamut from Diana's moody, evocative Road Works, through Sue's deft watercolour studies to Gail's sometimes macabre Cave Paintings and cartoons. Ian Sinclair creates hand-made rustic modern furniture using pieces of found wood that would be at home in town or country. And Rosemary Molesworth's whimsical handmade pottery is both useful and attractive.


Gail Prussky paints on canvas, wood and fabric, and also works in pen and ink, as well as pastel. 

She has exhibited in galleries in Toronto; currently, her work can be seen at Strata Gallery in Elora and  Dragonfly Arts in Orangeville.

Ian Sinclair creates handsome, functional furniture from found wood and hand-sawn slabs in a 21st Century take on traditional Adirondack style.  His work is equally at home in a casual cottage setting or used as a chic accent piece in a city house or apartment. Each bench, table and stool is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece which lets the organic shape of the wood drive the design.

Rosemary Molesworth has long been a fan of "mud, mud, glorious mud". As a child she played in mud, dug big holes in the earth and wore various shades of dirt.  Now for over thirty years, she's thrown, coiled, rolled and pinched clay to make useful, fun and beautiful items.  Using slip, stencils, black pencils and sgraffito Rosemary creates distinctive works that depict her interpretation of ancient cultures, rituals and the world around her. Her work will amuse, intrigue and inspire.  By producing unique handmade functional pottery that can be enjoyed everyday, Rosemary adds richness and pleasure to our daily life and shows how we are connected to the earth.

Diana Hillman works primarily in oils (on canvas, wood panel and paper) but occasionally branches out into print-making, watercolours and ceramics.  Many of her recent oil paintings are inspired by scenes glimpsed through the ready-made picture frame of the car window. This Road Works Series has been the subject of solo shows in Canada and the U.S..

 Susan Powell's pure watercolour paintings are inspired by her travels around Ontario and more exotic locales. Her light-filled landscapes and charming studies of plants or vegetables are colourful and vibrant.

Diffrent artists will be in studio for the run of the show. Check the Silver Creek Arts Project website for a full schedule.