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Unearthing Beauty

  • Wed Feb 09 - Sun Mar 20

Headwaters Arts Gallery

Headwaters Arts unleashed a call to artists in this second show of the new year, asking for art works that depict what it is that brings pleasure to one’s mind, spirit and senses.


The result, a vivid, strong and eclectic selection of 28 works by 10 artists showcasing their talents, personal choices in subject matter and interpretation of what “unearths beauty”.

Nancy MacNabb, Bhavna Bhatnagar, Patty Maher, Mary Perkins, Jill Birks, Iris Ranieri, Deb Menken, Kayla Jackson, Marnie Cooke and Sophie Vertigan have produced outstanding works in a variety of mediums and styles including clay, photography, mixed media, graphite, acrylic and oil painting. Bhavna Bhavnagar’s unique clay creations capture the beauty of nature and she draws inspiration from the secular and religious aspects of her life.

Says acrylic painter Deb Menken,”Through it all I have unearthed the beauty of playing with paint, experimenting with colours and discovering new tools. These are the things that truly bring me joy in art making!”  And for painter Sophie Vertigan, she says, “My self portraits help me restore my life by slowing down the world and focusing on the simple beauty of nature”.

You can view and purchase artwork from the show here further below on this page  and peruse the gallery through the virtual 3D tour (coming soon).


~ Monday, February 21, 2022~