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We R The North

  • Wed May 26 - Sun Jul 04

We R The North is currently being exhibited virtually by Headwaters Arts. The show features work by a collection of talented artists, Sandra Crozier, Marnie Cooke, Kasia Charko, Mary Lou Hurley, Mary Perkins, Susan Kelly, Deborah Powell, Jessica Law and Ecmunson. The artists, some just emerging in their careers and others being mid-career and established artists, are presenting work in a variety of mediums and disciplines. These pieces have been created through their own reflections and interpretations of Canada.

Looking through the superb assemblage of work in this show, the deep exploration by the artists is more than evident. Presented is a wonderfully diverse range of unexpected techniques and carefully thought-out themes, all while subtly telling stories up to the interpretation of the viewer. The varience in styles, colors, landscapes and motifs make for every Canadian to find connection in the pieces.

Artist Mary Lou Hurley, creator of "Eve Mannequin," a mixed media mosiac piece that depicts the female form, says of her work: “The human form provides a unique mirror to the self. We in the north are fortunate to be clothed in nature and abundance. We enjoy countless waterfalls, cascading over psychedelic granite rock, bountiful rivers and streams, vast lush forests, snow capped mountains; all under the glittering deep blue skies of our past.”

We R The North is a fabulously dreamy, serene, and diverse body of work, and is a perfect way to wind down and immerse yourself in great Canadian art from home. All 21 pieces are for sale and available for curbside pick up right here in Alton. The show is up on their website from May 26th until July 4th.